Your Chocolate Choice

Many of us do not like chocolate and miss the pleasure of tasting it when you follow a diet, but it is not known that chewing a cube or two of chocolate helps me because of the polyphenols contained in chocolate that promote digestion, burning sugar and not storing it in the body.

Nutrition experts advise you to choose dark chocolate, as it contains a high percentage of cocoa and a lower amount of fat and sugar, but in the case of drinking cocoa drink do not add to it and beware of the chocolate drink with caramel, whatever tasteful.

Here’s a healthy diet with chocolate:


1 cup nonfat milk milk + 2 or 3 teaspoons cocoa powder or 2 chocolate box + 30 grams bread and 10 grams butter


A large salad dish is a component of fresh vegetables with light-free additions such as lemon and vinegar

+ 125g red meat meat or steamed fish + 1 cup yogurt + fruit fruit 2 hours after lunch:

Four chocolate boxes are approximately 20 grams


Serve fresh salad or vegetable soup with a little lemon or vinegar + 125 grams of beef + 100 grams of rice or pasta with 5 grams of any substance? Fatty + steamed vegetables

Two hours after dinner

Four Cubes of Chocolate

  •  17 July 2015

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