Your child’s risk of obesity

Child obesity is a global phenomenon that occurs in both developed and late countries and in the recent period has become widespread and increase significantly, which contributes to the formation of a great danger to the future of the human, especially the poor and medium.

And obesity in children is currently infected by more than two and forty million children in the world, including thirty-five children in developing countries alone and the proportion of Arab countries of this number is very large, which calls for concerted efforts to eliminate this disease.

– This disease causes the child a number of risks that affect his health, including the following:

– Continued obesity with the fat child after growing up and exposure to excessive weight gain.

– Having reached the age of adolescence exposure to heart disease and diabetes by a large proportion.

– The incidence of respiratory diseases and high blood pressure and increase the proportion of cholesterol in the blood.

– Exposure to psychological pressure because of the inability of the child to wear the clothes he prefers and the feeling that he is different from his peers and being ridiculed by others.

– Influencing his ability to absorb, leading to his failure to study.

– The child’s depression, isolation, introversion and discontent with his appearance and dissatisfaction with him.

– The older the child gets, the more obese he is to get rid of excess weight by more than 40 percent.

– Infection of the child to stop breathing during sleep which leads to waking repeatedly and this will make him not get enough sleep, which makes him tired and fatigue and inability to focus.

– In some cases, the child has abnormalities in his limbs.

– Up to 20% of obese children are deficient in liver function due to accumulation of fat.

– Infection of the child when he develops diseases of blood vessels such as atherosclerosis, coronary artery failure, high blood pressure and high cholesterol level.

– Infection in the process of the body’s representation of food because of the accumulation of fat in it and this in turn leads to the inability of the hormone insulin to work properly, which contributes to increase the risk of diabetes.

– Increased risk of gout and colon cancer.

– The growth rate in obese children is higher than normal children so the appearance and shape of the child will be greater than the real age.

– To combat the disease from its inception we offer you the following tips:

– Keep your child away from sugars and fats such as biscuits.

– Keep your child away from drinking soft drinks of all types and canned juices and replace it with drinking water and can be mixed with natural rose water to make it taste good for the child.

– Make your child eat yogurt and its products such as yogurt, it contributes to building the body properly.

– Make your child eat vegetables and fruits as a substitute for processed sweets.

– Make your child accustomed to chewing food well and not to swallow, this leads to reduce the amount of food that it deals and improves digestion.

– Make your child eat lunch and dinner in small quantities and foods that contain high fiber.

Prevention is better than cure This statement always proves its validity, so do it with your child.

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