Your child’s first words, your full guide

Your child’s first words are a very important event for the whole family, especially waiting to hear Mama or Papa for the first time. Know your child’s date and how you are encouraged to talk all that and more.- The first words of your child will come after many verbal experiments from the roar to the unorganized use of some static and moving characters that mean nothing at all, but those experiences that your child is doing will lead to talk later, so you have to listen well and days What will be your first real word.- After eight, I feel like a child. Your child will often start to say passages like “Ma – Ma” or “Ba – Ba” together without knowing the meaning of those passages, but with time these sounds and syllables will turn into words that are understood and which will fill your heart with joy. And pride.

So when do children start talking?

Children begin to express themselves using meaningful words during the period of nine months and fourteen months, while some natural children may not utter any understood words until the age of eighteen months and other children may start to utter words such as (Bai – Baba – Dada At the age of seven months, the vast majority of children are in the range between nine months and fourteen months, and the word “Papa” is easier to pronounce than Mama. So do not be sad if your child’s first words are ” .

How do you help your child to talk?

Children begin to acquire language through the “receptive language”, ie, by hearing certain words and understanding their meaning. From birth, your child begins to hear the words that Hula speaks with interest and begins to sort out these different voices and try to understand their meanings. It is likely to be able to understand certain words such as names and names of people close to him and some of the familiar things that are exposed to it on a continuous basis, and within several months of the meaning of those meanings your child will try to make these sounds to express desires, From the first word.And the best way to help your child to speak the first word is to talk to him constantly, your child is passionate and eager to listen to your verbal signals and to understand the meaning, tell him about your day, or describe him what you do continuously if you mining dinner or wearing clothes or doing anything If you try to answer, you will understand from your way that you are waiting for him to answer the question and with time he will do so, and when he tries to answer you with me Voice, repeat the smile in his face and pay attention to him to know that you are happy with the voice that One will encourage this to continue trying.- Speak slowly and clearly and concentrate on explaining the words you say and its meaning – Use names instead of pronouns will be easier for your child when you say this dress Mama, instead of saying this dress.- Rich for your child, your child will learn a lot of language skills from the simple rhythms of the songs.- repetition is your favorite friend sang the same songs and the same words repeatedly and repeatedly, it will not be boring for your child.- Read a story for your child and use your face to express expressions of sadness, happiness and succession to teach your child that too.

What after the first word?

After your child begins to understand the words and then pronounce the first word, but understanding directions and direct orders is another, but at the end of the first year your child will be able to perform after the simple orders, but only a step-by-step guide. At the age of 18 months, Your child will be able to increase the language and may be able to form a complete sentence at the age of two years.

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