Yogurt and chocolate diet to lose your appetite for fast food and slimming without depriving

Do you suffer from gaining excess weight and obesity ?! Do you feel very hungry and lose control of your appetite always open ?! Are you tired of following many dieting systems to no avail ?!

Madam, there are many ways that can help you control your appetite for more and more food.

And because the method of deprivation is not useful in achieving the ideal weight, all you have to find an alternative to the fast food, saturated with oils and fats, which are quick to eat between meals while you feel hungry, especially in the afternoon.

It’s hard to find perfect snacks – you can take them safely – when you feel hungry, you’re energized without gaining more pounds on your weight.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Eating high-protein, low-fat snacks such as yoghurt between meals and dinner can help you feel full and get rid of the pain of hunger, according to a new study in a food magazine. They also reduce the number of calories eaten at dinner.

One-third of the average daily food consumption of a non-nutritious snack is high in sugar, salt, and calories. And this unwanted rise, accuses quick snacks as the main cause of the epidemic of obesity.

Replacing non-nutritious snacks with high-protein snacks will help people maintain their health and adjust their eating habits.

A study was conducted in which young females were asked to consume a certain snack containing 160 calories in the middle of the afternoon for four days.

(Containing 14 grams of protein) along with high-fat, protein-free machetes (containing only fats and carbohydrates) or low-protein, high-fat and carbohydrate-rich chocolates. The two snacks were switched daily for four days.

On the fourth day, breakfast and lunch are followed by the previously proposed snack. The results of the study showed that after eating yogurt, they became less hungry. They ate dinner later than usual and consumed 100 less in this meal – regardless of yogurt, crackers or chocolates.

(But the feeling of fullness was present in both cases, whether they ate yogurt, crisps or chocolates as a snack in the afternoon).

The results suggest that eating high protein (low-fat yogurt) in the afternoon may help control your appetite to eat. This will make you feel less hungry during dinner, and therefore consume less food and calories.

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