World Health Organization destroys the theory of carbohydrates

The bread is full of fiber

The World Health Organization (WHO) has found evidence of the benefits of starchy foods, which many consider to be harmful to health and cause weight gain.

People should increase their intake of fiber in general, though they are abundant in starches, such as bread, pasta and cereal chips, she said, adding that increased intake of fiber reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

The new evidence, contrary to the famous theory, which indicates that carbohydrates are harmful to health, and pay for weight gain and raise the proportion of fat in the body.

“Most of us consume less than 20 grams of fiber a day, but our studies confirm that a person should eat 25 to 29 grams,” said lead author Andrew Reynolds.

“The health benefits of fiber diets, found in wheat, fruit and vegetable products, come from their chemical composition and their effect on metabolism,” said one study supervisor.

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