With ice cream, how to lose 4 kilos after two weeks

Despite constant warnings from doctors about excessive use of sweets and sugars, especially for heavy weight holders, scientific research is constantly evolving to kill routine and overcome boredom, which often affects the power of determination in the killing even after a while from the date of commencement of the diet as a natural result , especially for sweets lovers

Diabetes is often a major cause of weight gain, as many of them are known to lead to The accumulation of fat in a large amount of time is hard to get rid of, and it is difficult to build on long years In a few days, the nutritionists worked on creating a diet based on the diet Eat more sugars but with appropriate and thoughtful distribution should be strictly adhered to To get the best results, among these systems, ice cream diet that has a great popular popularity of Before the lovers of sugars and ice cream in a special kind of obese, and also proved a great success was not expected to his ability to Attracting many as it proved that eating ice cream works to provide a sense of fullness and makes your appetite for a long period in the case of satiety has said d. Neil Solomon, a dietitian and professor at Hopkins University School of Medicine, said that you can use ice cream to reduce Your weight, since a little ice cream is enough to send a message to the brain indicating it That you have eaten your food, which gives you a sense of fullness and therefore you can eat a limited amount of Your favorite type of ice cream may be that every two hours if available You have the opportunity to do so, especially if you are a housewife and your presence at home gives you the chance to eat different types Of the food for entertainment or for feeling hungry or for any other reason, note that eating a medium spoon Of ice cream provides you with between 15 and 21 calories only and this quantity is enough to avoid you Feeling hungry.

But provided that the ice cream spoon is flat and make sure not to deceive yourself, and to ensure that I use Slip the knife in a spoon of ice cream until you get rid of the unwanted increase and before that You eat a spoon of ice cream you can have prepared the box to the freezer or else you will come to eat more, If the ice cream is ice-fried a little Turkish for a short time to gain some warmth As if it was icy significantly you will not feel Bmmagah delicious.

“I have treated 100 patients who are overweight,” Dr. Solomon said of his experience With this delicious diet based on ice cream, all the results were dazzling, just you Follow the ice cream diet for two weeks and you will be surprised that you lost 4 kg during this brief period Dr. Julian Spalmules, professor of nutrition at the University of Texas, supported Dr Solomon’s theory, She added that this diet requires the use of capsules of vitamins and minerals a day as an aid, and in any case Dr. Solomon recommends that you consult with your doctor before starting an ice cream diet, especially if you are Pregnant or with diabetes.

Now we start with ice cream, but you should first divide the different foods used in the diet into five groups:

Group A

Depends on fruits and natural juices with the knowledge of the need to commit not to exceed the quantity that you eat more 40 calories … 
any apple (small fruit) _ apricot (2 medium) _ banana fruit (small fruit) – Cantaloupe (small slice) _ Pomegranate (small fruit) _ Strawberry (3/4 cup) – Strawberry juice (cup can (One fruit) _ Fruit cocktail (cup) _ Tin (one fruit) _ Grapes Fruit (half a p (12 fruit, about half a cup) _ watermelon or melon (small slice) _ orange (One fruit) _ orange juice (half cup) – peach (medium fruit) _ pineapple cubes (half cup) (2 medium fruits) – tangerine (medium fruit) tomato juice (1/2 cup).

Total (b)

Eggs and dairy products (the proposed quantity contains 80 calories) and this may be available in one element The following food: 
Low – fat cheese Quraish (3/4 cup) _ boiled egg _ skimmed milk (average cup ) _ Low-fat yogurt without fruit (3/4 cup).

Group C

A loaf of bread, cereals and vegetables containing starchy substances (each quantity contains 140 calories ) _ Toast (2 slices) _ uncooked beans (cup) _ boiled beans (cup) _ Caneloni milk Fat (one slice) _ boiled pasta (cup) _ grilled potato (one fruit) _ boiled rice (_ cup ) _ Grilled Potato (Medium Fruit) Group D

And are containing different types of meat should not contain more than 225 calories. 
Issuance Chicken (small slice) _ Fat-free red meat (small grilled steak) _ Grilled fish (small slice (2) _ cold meat slices (2) _ shrimp (2) _ tuna reserved in water And not the oil (2 tbsp) _ turkey breast (small slice) _ brown meat (medium slice ).

Group E

It consists of fresh non-starchy vegetables, containing only 50 calories. Lettuce
(medium) fruit _ beet (cup) _ boiled cauliflower (cup) _ cabbage uncooked (2 cup _) _ cabbage Boiled egg (cup) _ boiled carrots (cup) – green beans (cup) _ green pepper (2 cups) _ mushroom 2 cups) _ okra (cup) _ onions _ cup _ spinach raw (2 _ cup) _ spinach boiled (cup) _ Tomatoes (2 medium fruits) _ tomato soup (cup) _ boiled zucchini (2 cups).

There are notes:

You can eat the amount you want to eat of cereals, cucumber, radish, and also a cup of non-popcorn salted and fat – free substitute for fruit. 
Here ‘s an example of a suitable daily diet program to lose weight you can select it Yourself:


Choose a type of fruit in group (a) representing 40 calories and another type of group (b (140 calories) and one egg or any dairy products (80 calories) C)


Steak _ chicken or grilled fish Choose the amount of group (225) calories and vegetables from the group (E) 50 calories, then choose what you want from group (b) 140 calories and coffee or Tea without sugar or milk or a little of any moisturizing drink for the purpose of dieting.


You can eat fruit from group A to not exceed 40 calories, as you can replace So take a cup of unsweetened soup, tea, coffee or soda soda .. Knowing that You can eat any of these items at any time between meals, taking care not to add sugar Natural and replace it with the industry .. So the total calories that can be obtained in this diet will not Exceed the required number and thus to obtain the best possible results.

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