Why we should not weaning children two years ago

Breast feeding after childbirth helps the child to use the appropriate food and antibody, which works to strengthen the immune system to cope with many diseases. Breast feeding in mother nature means that it burns a large amount of calories, which leads to the elimination of excess weight during pregnancy As well as strengthening the bond between mother and child.

And some mothers may rush to weaning their child especially during the first year, explaining that the child appeared to be eating the external nutrition and the need to breastfeed, and thus made a big mistake in the right of her child to breastfeed breastfeeding until the eloquence of the two, why should notweaning the child until two years?

Dr. Shorouq Al-Hitmi, an international consultant, says:

Firstly, Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And His separation in two years”

This is true for the health of the child and the best for the mother. Recent studies have shown that the continued breastfeeding of the child until the age of two years, the child continues to receive antibodies from breast milk, which affects the health if he was stoned two years ago.

In addition, the continuation of breastfeeding for a child up to two years significantly affects the level of intelligence of the child has been the study and follow-up children from the age of breastfeeding to 18 years and proved that the most intelligent children are two years of breastfeeding.

Shorouk added that the child is more stable psychologically when breastfeeding continued for up to two years and be better in the stability of the emotional and effective responses, as we said prevention of many diseases.

The benefits of natural breastfeeding for a child are not limited to two years for the child, but for the mother as well, where the mother protects against osteoporosis and causes moderate weight, as well as the prevention of many diseases.

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