Why menstruation is delayed

PMS is one of the most common questions in women, although pregnancy is one of the most common causes of delayed menstrual cycle. However, in many cases, the woman who suffers from late menstrual cycle is not pregnant, if other causes of delayed menstrual cycle.

– Are you breastfed , most breastfeeding mothers suffer from menstrual disorders , although the occurrence of ovulation is in a normal situation and the chances of pregnancy during breastfeeding are still in the absence or delay of the menstrual cycle .

– Are you under nerve pressure , stress and nervous pressure contribute significantly to the delay of the menstrual cycle on time or the occurrence of menstrual disorders, and most studies indicate that once you get rid of stress and nervous pressure menstruation returns to normal.

– What are the medications that you are taking now , some medications such as pills eating either oral contraceptives or injection or Asqat plus some antidepressants and steroids or some hormonal drugs could cause a delay in the menstrual cycle .

– Do you suffer from any hormonal imbalance , PCOS is a common cause of hormonal disorder, which can cause menstrual delay as well as it can also cause a lot of bleeding (menorrhagia)

– Do you eat healthy food , women who suffer from malnutrition or underweight is often a cause ofmenstrual disorders and irregularity, and also possible to cause food strikes such as loss of appetite or the heart of the sick to eat to delay the menstrual cycle.

– What activity do you do, do a lot of effort such as running or dancing, it is possible that the exercise or sports training may lead to menopause and the delay of the cycle.

– Do you check thyroid gland , the occurrence of functional dysfunction of thyroid gland, which is not felt by some women may be one of the causes of delayed menstrual cycle .

If you have a health condition, some diseases that lead to weakness of the body, such as fever or severe colds, lead to delay of the descent of the cycle, which are temporary symptoms. As soon as your body recovers, your course will be able to return to normal, despite some pituitary tumors (Of benign tumors) may cause increased production of prolactin hormone or milk hormone, which interferes with the organization of your menstrual cycle.

Symptoms associated with delayed menstrual cycle

If you suffer from a period of three consecutive cycles of discontinuation, it is time to go to the doctor is more experienced by knowing the reasons that lead to delay of the menstrual cycle, and you have to look at some other signs that should pay attention to them, including:

Continuous headaches

Hair loss

Involvement of the eye and blurred vision

There are some secretions of the breast especially if you are not breastfed

How can I treat my menstrual delay?

Treatment of delayed menstrual cycle depends heavily on the knowledge of the causes of the delay of the cycle or the occurrence of menstrual disorders, and the treatment of the occurrence of some change in the daily system, such as changing the quality of food and rely on healthy food balanced with some hormone therapy seen by the doctor appropriate after the medical tests.

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