Why does your child smile during sleep?

You wonder why your baby smiles during sleep?

Madam, because he dreams of happy dreams of course but it is impossible to determine what the baby dreams for the simple reason that we can not ask him about his dreams when he wakes up suddenly we notice that he was actually dreaming and through his movements and his looks and his condition he perspires and sometimes he cries or laughs.

When your child reaches his sixth week, he will reward you with his first smile while awake and you will know at the time that this smile is real.

Scientific research has shown that infant’s smile is divided into three types.

1 – Impressionist smile:

It is the baby’s first stages even before he reaches the third or fourth day, and continues with him for the first month of his birth, and is in the form of a “semi-smile”. 
This smile illuminates your child’s face when he hears a high sounding layer of caressing, watery or liquid.

2- General smile:

It begins to appear after four weeks, and lasts for a longer time, usually accompanied by the expression of fun that radiates from his eyes, in addition to a special luster. It also appears when a child sees a human face with a smile. Parents at this stage usually think that the child is in their broad smiles, 
because he knows them, but in fact at that age he smiles at everyone who approaches him and tries to play with him.

3. Special Smile:

This smile starts at any time between five and seven months, which is similar to the general smile, but it is only for the people and the knowledge of the close only where the smile at this age meaning. It is a special greeting and personal and have a wonderful impact of course on the same mother and father, he smiles and laughs because he knows them, but if the visitor did not grow up, he turns his face and starts screaming.

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