Why do not I lose weight anymore? Find out the reasons

Many women who follow diets to lose weight and get rid of fat and fat accumulated in the body after a period of time, the problem of weight stability at a certain level and stop the body from losing weight, which shake their determination to complete the diet and reduce their efforts, which they think it goes without benefit ..

However, the problem of weight gain without change for a certain period of time is likely to occur, due to some of the reasons that stop loss of body weight as a result.

So Madam, we will give you the most important reasons why sudden weight loss stops to reduce and treat quickly.

– The body stops losing weight .. What are the reasons:

– Weight is confirmed after a certain period of diet.

One of the reasons for not losing weight in the body is the stability of weight after a certain period of diet, and this is normal because of the habit of the body on a particular type of food and specific exercise it needs to change from time to time to avoid taking the body immunity to the diet.

– The date of the menstrual cycle.

With the approach of the menstrual cycle, the weight of the woman’s body can increase from one kilogram to three kilograms, due to the retention of fluids inside the body, so it is recommended at this time to stay away from eating salty foods and pickles because they increase the retention of fluid in the body and thus lead to overweight 500 grams per day, and it is recommended to drink large amounts of water at least two liters a day.

– Practice some bad eating habits.

– Follow a diet hard and lose weight quickly, and follow some of the excesses in the way of eating, such as: eating sweets in the evening and some fast food that contain a large proportion of fat, which causes loss of body ability to get down or increase weight as desired.

– It is recommended to follow a diet program organized and healthy full body needs all necessary nutrients for the body at appropriate rates without increase or decrease.

– Weight variation during the day.

– It is normal to increase or decrease the weight during the day by one kilogram, given the daily activities and activities carried out by women during the day.

– It is recommended to measure the weight at least once during a certain day in the day with the same clothes and without wearing shoes.

– Days of weight measurement

You have to choose a specific day for weight loss because it is of great benefit to know your body’s ability to lose weight. Choosing the right day during the middle of the week or the last week should be based on the best and most appropriate times. During the weekend, the difference will be noticed later.

– It is recommended to follow a diet that determines the amount of meals taken and the date before a week of weight measurement.

In order to be healthy, we have given you the most important reasons why your body is losing weight to reduce and treat it in a healthy way to regain your determination and your desire to lose weight and burn excess fat in the body in a healthy and effective to enjoy the grace and fitness.

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