Whitening teeth .. Best mixing teeth teeth at home quickly

Yellowing is a common problem for many, and in the following article we present the most important natural methods of whitening the teeth and causes yellowing teeth to avoid them

What foods cause yellowing of teeth?

tomato sauce

Contains many substances that change the color of teeth and cause yellowing of teeth quickly

Tea and coffee

Contains dragon materials that increase the yellowing of teeth and change color and advised to drink green tea is rich in health materials


Containing colored substances in addition to salt, which causes the erosion of the enamel layer and expose the teeth to yellowing and decay

Dried fruits

Easily cause tooth decay and   is an unhealthy alternative to dessert

Cereals in breakfast

Starches in bread and breakfast cereals mix with saliva enzymes and acid can lead to enamel erosion. In addition, some grains contain a high percentage of sugar which can lead to tooth decay. Therefore, you should use your toothbrush after each breakfast.

What are the best combinations of teeth whitening?

Teeth Whitening Mix: Charcoal and lemon

Curve some pieces of coal to be in the form of Bouda and add to it some lemon drops and brush your teeth well and then wipe teeth with a piece of lemon is an effective mix to whiten teeth quickly

Teeth Whitening Mix: Meramia

Curl some of the leaves of Meramia after dry and then rub the teeth well once a day

Teeth Whitening Mix: Orange and Kiwi

Bring a fruit of mashed kiwi and fruit juice of orange and then brush your teeth once a day and you will notice the color change teeth quickly and disappear yellowing

Teeth Whitening Mix: Oxygen Water

Buy oxygen water from the pharmacy, and then light a teaspoon of small oxygen water to a small spoon of water and water, and then call your teeth with a wet cotton of this solution every three days so as not to cause the erosion of the tooth enamel layer and damage your teeth

Mix teeth whitening: honey and lemon

Add some drops of lemon on the suspension of natural honey and brush your teeth, it helps to whiten the teeth as soon as possible

Teeth Whitening Mix: Laurel leaves

Dry the leaves of the laurel after drying, add dry lemon peel to the ground, and dry your teeth daily to get rid of yellowing quickly.

Where we dry and grind the leaves of laurel, and add orange peel to it, and then fat teeth on a daily basis is effective in whitening.

Teeth Whitening Mix: Olive Oil

Brush the teeth with a brush wet with olive oil after rinsing. The recipe helps to whiten the teeth at home as well as strengthen the gums and get white teeth whiteness

Tooth whitening mix: Apple vinegar

Soften the apple vinegar and apply a little sodium bicarbonate to get a paste rubbed on the teeth for 10 minutes and then clean the teeth with lukewarm water

Tooth Whitening Mix: Mint

Dry the leaves of mint and put them suspended from the starch and brush the teeth once a day to get teeth white as snow

Tooth whitening mix: Strawberry

Grape a strawberry with lemon juice or orange. Brush the teeth daily. They contain effective ingredients for whitening the teeth

Try any of our teeth whitening mixes at home and share your experience

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