White honey damages

God has created every disease for medicine, and the best of these medicines white honey and it is evident in saying “it is a cure for people,” and therefore uses white honey in the treatment of many health problems, but when overuse, the effect is reflected on the body negatively, and instead of To deal with the body harms, and here we take together the damage of white honey, in addition to the most important benefits.Damage to honey on the stomach

White honey damages

When over-consuming white honey, it causes many problems, so you should use white honey moderately, so as not to cause damage to the body, such as:Damaged honey damages

  • Reduction of Blood pressure.
  • And its bad effect on individuals who suffer from allergies because it consists of pollen.
  • When consuming white honey in large quantities, it causes tooth decay because it contains a large amount of .
  • And its effect on the wall of the stomach negatively, causing gastrointestinal disorders, burning stomach and constipation.
  • It also causes food poisoning and nerve damage.
  • Contains a large amount of which causes weight gain.
  • It is not recommended by people who are obese.
  • Pregnant women are also not recommended because of the collected method, which lacks hygiene, and is free from food contaminants, which can cause health problems for pregnant women and thus affect the fetus.
  • This honey is said to be baked like milk to kill harmful bacteria. This process is heated by honey to 161 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 seconds, then cooled quickly, but this does not necessarily confirm the absence of white honey from pollutants and harmful bacteria.
  • Excessive intake of white honey also increases the risk of bleeding, so it is not recommended for people suffering from bleeding disorders.

The stomach sensitivity of honey

Benefits of white honey

White honey is one of the most useful and healthy foods for the body. It tastes delicious, treats many diseases and problems, such as:

  • Treating the problem of diabetic foot ulcers that can lead to amputation of the foot.
  • Treats weakness of the body and prevents fatigue and anemia.
  • Helps in the treatment of liver and kidney problems.
  • Contribute to the solution of the problem of high blood pressure.
  • It is a natural remedy for cough in children.
  • White honey is also a calming agent for the nerves, and helps to overcome the problem of insomnia and difficulty sleeping.
  • It is also used as an aphrodisiac and also contains antioxidants that eliminate tumors and prevent their formation.
  • Works to dilate blood vessels to prevent strokes.
  • Reduces .
  • It contributes greatly to wound healing speed and can be used as a disinfectant for wounds.

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