Whey protein damages the kidneys

Aloe protein belongs to the supplement category supplements, which is derived from cow’s milk, which helps to build muscle especially for professional athletes, but you should consult with a specialist before using it, until the dosage is organized and balanced diet, so as not to affect human health, We have a protein protein on the kidney and we will first know what a protein protein is and what is the benefit of excessive use.

Aloe bortin is a natural supplement. This protein is made up of whey, which is the dietary supplement that is formed after the process of making natural cheese from cow’s milk. It is derived from fat and transformed into a wonderful food supplement, usually a non-granular , So add many flavors to give him an acceptable taste, such as flannel, or chocolate, and thanks to eat Wi-protein 3 times throughout the day.

  • Excessive intake of protein without consulting a specialist is overweight, especially since it contains a very large amount of carbohydrates and fat.
  • Whey protein can cause kidney formation in the kidney, so it is advisable to drink large amounts of fluid and fiber.
  • Aloe-protein contains a high percentage of lactose, which may cause a human allergic reaction if it is lactose-intolerant. Any protein that is free of lactose may be taken instead.
  • If you have a disease, you do not want to eat protein, so consult a doctor before taking it.
  • It is preferable to completely avoid any dietary supplements in general and Wi-protein in particular in the case of any kidney disorder, because it increases the injury damage.

Whey protein damages the kidneys

  • The consumption of a large amount of Wi-protein may directly affect the liver.
  • Whey protein causes heart muscle problems if overdosed and overdosed, may increase the incidence of heart attack or complete cessation of the heart muscle.
  • Wi-protein increases the proportion of citrus in the blood.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Permanent feeling of exhaustion and tiredness.
  • Breathing problems and a wheezing sound during breathing.
  • Swollen lips and some parts of the face of some people as a result of allergies of some supplements, such as alway protein.
  • It can affect the digestive system and some of the problems that resulted from diarrhea and swelling.

If you have kidney problems, you should avoid the use of protein-free protein only under the supervision of medical because medical studies have proved its bad effect on kidney disease because it leads to cirrhosis of the liver, and helps to form the kidney stone.

In spite of all the damage caused by the Wii protein for athletes, it can be addressed by a doctor specializing in the benefits:

  • Strengthens the strength of the body’s immunity.
  • It activates the body and increases its vitality especially during exercise.
  • Reduces triglyceride levels in the body.
  • Helps in weight loss.

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