When does your child need to help you get to sleep?

Putting your baby into bed does not seem as easy as TV shows. Many children and pre-school children have trouble sleeping without their mother or father. Here are the reasons:

The ease with which children sleep in their sleep is something parents wish, but more than half of the parents complain that they need to be in the room while their baby sleeps. Of those who have an infant, 68% are also obliged to stay in the room until they sleep, and even a quarter of those with school children stay with their children until they sleep at least once.

So what does this mean? This means that you are not alone in experiencing this problem, which is not a problem at all, but a general childish behavior.

Why does your child want to be there?

you represent security, safety and love, and sleep for him represents that unknown. If he is one of the strongest parents in the room, if all is well, your child can relax enough to sleep.

dark is afraid of terrifying shadows, quiet invites a mysterious fuss, and steadfastness brings frightening thoughts. With a father or mother in bed or by the side of the bed, the child will have absolute protection from all the scary things.

When the activity of the day signals to stop, the head of your unoccupied child begins to arrange the day’s events, worrying about your child’s thoughts, things you get, “Oh! Where did I put my red truck? “, And anxiety about the things to come.” Did my father say we would go to the doctor tomorrow? “

Pre-school children, “Will my dog ​​run away someday?” “Will our house be burned?” These fears grow wider when the child is alone in quiet and darkness. For this reason, having a parent soon during sleep is the absolute protection against dangerous thoughts.

Do not feel sleepy
if you put your child in bed and he does not feel tired or tired, he will stay awake against his will. He will be very alert and will try to do anything other than lie down in bed, and your companion will be the only thing that will keep him in bed.

Sucking to
sleep 90% of breast-fed children sleep with their mother at least once a week and almost 70% require the same thing every night! This type of sleep is the most difficult solution, because your child feels that he needs you and you will not be able to evade.

Wants mama and the Pope … and no one one else
whatever the role played by grandparents or nanny in the love of children, the nature and biology lead a more important role in the preference for your child to his mother and father over any one and anything else in the world, especially when it comes time to sleep.

It is a routine
that must have a routine to sleep, and includes your survival to his side until sleep, and it will take you about a month to become a new routine.

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