When does the fetus feel what is going on around it?

The fetus can feel the outside world more than you think and earlier than you think. The first sense to start working is hearing . Starting in the 16th week, although the ear itself takes its final form in the twenty-fourth week, we conclude that when the fetus is born, the fetus has an auditory capacity almost identical to our adult hearing ability. This hearing ability, which he possessed at birth, gained from his experience of nearly six months, during which he heard the heartbeat of his mother, blood flow and all that he had through the abdominal wall and uterus, as well as the sound of the stomach and intestines.

Can a fetus recognize sounds?

It can be observed that the heartbeat of the fetus decreases and calms down when the mother talks and hears her words, but if she is silent and a stranger speaks for the first time talking to her during her pregnancy, his heartbeat becomes more anxious. New sound. It also distinguishes sounds beloved to his mother and hated. But the miracle that the child after childbirth panic and panic if carried by the person who was associated with the voice of the mother’s grief, the child feels the mother’s psychological state and connects with the voices.

If the father’s voice is associated with a good psychological condition for the mother, this fetus becomes inclined to this man who discovers that he is his father. It has been scientifically proven today that the hearing of the fetus before it is born is active, affected and received sound, and leaves the sound effect in the fetus in a way not aware of science, but God knows the Lord of the worlds.

It is also very strange that when we bring a pregnant mother with a fetus and put her in a test for prenatal period and we play a particular voice next to it, for example a Koran, but we focus on a specific surah, we notice something very amazing that the fetus after the birth suckles very naturally and calm. But if we run this sound, which I used to hear in the womb of his mother, we notice an increase in the rate of breastfeeding the fetus almost doubled and even a very good mood and if we change the section of another section of the note the child’s loss of this appetite and good mood and return to normal.

Therefore, some mothers advise that the mother read something that the fetus hears without realizing the meaning. This leaves its effect, and the conversation that takes place in the house between the parents or others may leave its effect. It is clear to us here the importance of purity of the family atmosphere and the purity of the relationship between the spouses. God’s command to her, and the good speech that God commanded him, to receive the child as a fetus Voices of good and good word, and the remembrance of God, and the continuation of prayer, recitation of the Holy Quran and reading the conversations of the Prophet peace be upon him, and the voices of friendliness and love and pure words.

In addition to the hearing, the child can taste food in the womb even though he does not eat, but this feeling grows after six months of pregnancy, because it can distinguish between taste and taste salty, because the surrounding fluid affected the fetus as the mother’s food .

– The child also has a sense of touch , after the sixth month of pregnancy begins the fetus using the things available around him limbs or umbilical cord. This can be seen through the sonar, as the fetus puts his finger in his mouth as he grabs the umbilical cord.

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