When do you find yourself pregnant?

When can pregnancy be confirmed? Am I pregnant now? When can I do a pregnancy pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy? What is the duration after pregnancy, after which pregnancy can be confirmed and pregnancy test performed in the urine? … And many other questions that are repeated in the wife’s mind, which are eager to get pregnant and see the new baby and start worrying after the ovulation period. What is the delayed period of pregnancy signs?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, after fertilizing the egg and implanting it in the wall of the uterus from 3 to 12 days after ovulation begins the body in the secretion of pregnancy hormones (hCG), which can through pregnancy test strips in the urine to detect and confirm pregnancy and because the levels of pregnancy hormones multiply Each 48-72 capacity during the first three months of pregnancy.

How can pregnancy be confirmed?

Pregnancy can be confirmed before the date of the expected monthly cycle in several ways, and offers “your health today” the four most important steps that help you confirm the occurrence of pregnancy before the date of your menstrual cycle:

Home pregnancy tests

The pregnancy test or the urine test is 97% accurate according to the American Pregnancy Association if used correctly. Although the urine test can confirm pregnancy five days before the menstrual cycle at the usual time, it becomes more accurate when used after a date The menstrual cycle may be delayed if there is a delay. The sensitivity of pregnancy tests in urine varies according to the quality used. When fertilization of the egg occurs during the days of puberty and implants itself in the wall of the uterus, the body begins to secrete the pregnancy hormones, which increase with the progress of the pregnancy, through which pregnancy can be confirmed by pregnancy test strips in the urine. It should be noted that when pregnancy test in urine before the expected date of the menstrual cycle And the appearance of a negative result wait until the arrival of the session and test again if the session did not come, the quality of test strips may be pregnancy in the urine It is not sensitive or the amount of the hormone is low to be detected.

Pregnancy test in the blood

The pregnancy test in the blood is more accurate than the home pregnancy test and is carried out in the laboratory by drawing a sample of blood and testing pregnancy hormones. However, most doctors recommend delaying the pregnancy test in the blood until the expected date of the course or after 14 days of ovulation and until the pregnancy can be confirmed or more accurately and aberration of the wrong results of pregnancy.

Indications of pregnancy

There are some indicators that can confirm the pregnancy, including the temperature of the body, in the days of ovulation occurs a slight increase in body temperature continues until the arrival of the menstrual cycle in the absence of pregnancy, but if pregnancy occurs, the body temperature index drops directly, Which feel the temperature rise during the ovulation days recording the body temperature reading in the morning every day and when observing the drop once can indicate the occurrence of pregnancy.

Symptoms of early pregnancy

Some women show symptoms of early pregnancy before the delayed menstrual cycle, which is caused by the implantation of the egg into the uterus and start in the stages of pregnancy, and symptoms of early pregnancy is the feeling of nausea and vomiting of vomiting in the morning when waking, frequent urination, Of some smells or the appearance of some changes in the breast area such as the emergence of the campaign and gradually turn into a cloudy color.

Considered the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy sign of pregnancy and your guide to conduct pregnancy test home to confirm pregnancy.

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