When can I feed my child with food?

Baby food after birth is one of the things that concern many mothers especially with the first child. You should be familiar with the various stages and quality of food provided to the child at each stage.

When can I start feeding the child?

The baby can be fed solid food starting from the sixth month, which is best until the baby’s stomach is ready for the solid external food

What is the appropriate food quality by starting to feed the child?

It is recommended to start eating fresh, mashed foods such as zucchini and potatoes, and then start the ninth month by eating rice and some fruit pieces from the 11th month, such as apples, pears, apricots and strawberries, and be well mashed with sure whether this type will cause the child’s sensitivity or not.

How to prepare your child’s first food

Away from pre-prepared baby food Prepare your baby’s first meal with hand and vegetable washing and the tools used. The vegetables will be mixed in the blender after boiling. You should try to make vegetables when presented to the child at normal body temperature (warm). The quantity is simple, for example, two tablespoons in the morning and in the evening.

When can I feed the baby with yogurt

Some mothers may begin feeding the baby the first meal with a yogurt meal which is wrong. The baby must be fed yogurt from the beginning of the ninth month with a yogurt suspension daily with a piece of baby biscuits that does not contain hydrogenated oils.

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