When can a menstrual cycle be considered a disorder?

What are the most important causes of menstrual disorder? And when can the menstrual cycle be considered turbulent?

Dr. George Joaquim, a gynecologist and obstetrician, answers this question:

There are many reasons that lead to menstrual disorder , due to the presence of many of the glands that control hormones, which is the first responsible for menstrual disorder, such as pituitary gland, thyroid gland, renal gland, and ovaries, which means that in the case of The presence of any defect in the performance of these glands, this in turn leads to a hormonal imbalance, and thus a disturbance in the menstrual cycle .

He added that one of the causes of the disorder is the presence of fatty bags on the ovary causing disruption of the cycle, in addition to the birth defects of the uterus, which cause disruption in the cycle since the beginning of the occurrence, also known that the psychological state affects the regularity of the menstrual cycle significantly.

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Dr. George concluded: “In general, the menstrual cycle can be considereda disorder in the irregularity of more than five months, whether repeated more than once a month or delayed several times in five months, in which case should go to the gynecologist to detect And find out the cause of this disorder and therefore choose the appropriate treatment.

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