When can a fasting person fast Ramadan?

We have a month of good Ramadan during the days of God Almighty and a frequent questions Can a diabetic fasting Ramadan or when a diabetic should breakfast and when should fast … All these inquiries find answers in the magazine Rajim.

Is a chronic disorder that causes an imbalance in the ability of the body to use energy from its sources of food, because of the lack of insulin hormone secreted from the pancreas, which is responsible for increasing the ability of cells to absorb glucose, which is important in the production of energy, causing high concentration in the bloodstream. Diabetes has several types of type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes.

First-class diabetics who are dependent on insulin do not fast at all; they need more than three doses of insulin a day, so it is impossible to maintain blood sugar level in case of fasting.

Diabetics who eat oral diabetes tablets can fast on the condition that the sugar level is appropriate before Ramadan, and with the selection of tablets that suit the conditions of fasting, and can benefit from the new generations of tablets that benefit in this regard.

Those who are prone to diabetes, especially those who are overweight, benefit from fasting Ramadan and not Ramadan. It has been scientifically proven that this has a positive effect on preventing the emergence of sugar, as well as reducing weight and lowering the high and high blood fat.

The diabetic patient in Ramadan must adhere to the following tips so that he can fast, and maintain his health at the same time to return to the doctor supervising the treatment, in order to assess the patient’s health status, and accordingly to give the decision to fast or abstain.

Stay away from the previous regime in treatment and food, and follow a new system in the diet and dosage of medicine from the doctor’s description is appropriate for the month of Ramadan.

Follow up the measurement of blood sugar on a daily basis, especially in the first days of Ramadan, and after 2 pm, in order to take the necessary measures if the sugar is broken, if less than one hundred, you should stop fasting immediately, and tell the doctor.

Subject to the examination of sugar whenever the patient felt his symptoms during fasting, such as dizziness and others, and put the doctor permanently in the picture.

The beginning of breakfast with foods that contain a large proportion of , in order to compensate for the lack of sugar during the day.

Delay the meal of suhoor before the adhaan directly, taking into account eating fruits to give the body the necessary sugar. Drink large amounts of fluid between breakfast and Suhoor. Maintain the diet prescribed by the doctor, not to exceed it even once.

First: start with a period or three dates with a cup of tea without sugar after the adhaan.

Second: Going to pray Maghrib.

Third: Eat breakfast in the form of a soup dish free of fat, starch such as soup , vegetable soup, or chicken soup.

Fourth: Eat a moderate amount of starch in addition to a large dish of vegetables cooked with a small amount of sunflower oil.

Fifth: Take care of the salad or any amount of fresh vegetables.

Sixth: Eat a kind of protein such as meat or poultry boiled or grilled, or replace it with beans or boiled eggs.

Seventh: For drinks, it is advised to drink low-sugar such as hibiscus sweetened with sugar substitutes, or fruit juice non-sugary local sugar substitutes.

Eighth: Going to Taraweeh prayer or praying at home. Taraweeh prayer time is ideal for practicing sports after breakfast in 90 minutes. Taraweeh is an alternative to sports during Ramadan.

Ninth: Eat a plate of fruit salad or small piece about 5 cm of Eastern sweets sweetened with sorbets, “Sugar Day”, or the number of 2 kataif or schnapps in the form of one fruit of each type of sap.

Tenth: For the meal of the suhoor should be before dawn immediately, and advised to eat a loaf of my country or 2 years of age with a dish of beans with a spoonful of olive oil and a box of creamy or creamy egg yogurt.

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