What your child should eat in Ramadan

The fasting child craves a lot of dishes and asks his mother to prepare for him, which in turn encourages him to achieve his desire. The irony is that a child does not eat what he craves during breakfast. What healthy diet should the mother follow in Ramadan?


First: Eat my love pass : Dates contain a lot of minerals, zinc, magnesium and fiber. When we give the child my love pass, waits for a period or goes to pray.

In this way, the fructose is allowed to reach sugar-containing blood and becomes available to the body, so the child will no longer eat the food because the quick eating harms the stomach.

Second, soup : can not miss the soup dish is necessary to make up for the fluids and vitamins lost by the child during the long summer day.

It should be noted here that it is not necessary to add cubes of industrial flavor to the soup, and add butter or cream.

Once fresh vegetables are prepared, herbs, meat and spices are added, especially if the child is overweight.

I also advise the mother to avoid offering ready-made soup, which is canned, because it does not contain the necessary percentage of minerals, vitamin and protein. It is best to prepare the soup with fresh ingredients.

Third : Authority : The vegetable salad, especially fatouche, provides the body with vitamin, mineral and fiber. Here, I stress not to add a large amount of olive oil, and not to fry the bread, but can only be roasted, and if not add bread.

The mother may object and say that he is a child and must be fed, and I say that saturated fat does not feed the child but is the source of obesity, which is harmful to the heart. 
It is not permissible to miss Fattoush because it is necessary during the day of fasting long slows the movement of the stomach causing obstruction, and fiber in vegetables is important because it softens the stomach.

Fourth : The mother usually prepares pastries like fried sambosak or pizza daily, and this is a bad habit during Ramadan.

These dishes can be prepared once a week or every two weeks, and replaced with the preparation of omelets containing the necessary nutrients, especially as the eggs have protein.

It is true that pizza is good but do not forget that it also has a large amount of starches, in addition to the fat found in cheese especially if it is not low-fat.

The omelet can be prepared without oil or butter, but in the oven, as well as adding parsley, onions, couscous, carrots or any kind of vegetables.

It can be prepared hummus tehena or kippah grilled, not fried, and should be avoided, especially in the raw kippah summer.

Fifth main course :must be richprotein and iron, two were in red meat, chicken and fish,well as fiberrich stews, starches Kalpazilla, beans, potatoes and rice.

Which means that the best dishes are fish, fish and chicken. Here are all mothers to point out the harmful effects of fried potatoes a day due to the high proportion of fat they contain, which is harmful to the heart and stomach.

The mother may object and say whether we are subject to the diet! I say no, but go back to the healthy food that provides him with all the calcium needed vitamins, minerals and proteins to grow in a healthy form. It is said that saturated fat benefits! But the opposite is causing an increase in weight does not need the body to it. 
In addition, in Ramadan the stomach is empty all day long, increasing the percentage of acid in it, and fat and burning oils cause heartburn in the stomach.


It is very important that the child take his magic and the mother to impose it because the components of the suhour give him the energy and provide him with the nutrients he needs in the first six hours of the day.

Suhour must contain calcium and is found in milk, cheese, yogurt and protein as well as starches given by energy. Suhur does not mean eating a tattered pattern.

It is true that there are starches but at the same time where burning oils. The mother can give him strawberries and oil, add a brick or cheese. You can also bring him a bowl of chickpeas or beans.

Here it is noted that it is essential not to add too much salt and garlic so that the child does not feel thirsty during the day.

Bad habit should be avoided in Ramadan

One of the wrong dietary habits during Ramadan is that the mother rewards her child with chocolate and biscuits because he fasts. This is a mistake because it is not permissible to use food as a reward, but the child must be informed that healthy food is necessary for him.

If the child persists, one can be allowed to eat one day. It is recommended to buy small dishes for children such as those used by his favorite cartoon hero. When a child sees a large amount of food in a large dish, he grumbles.

So it is best to bring a special set of dishes and their shape is beautiful and compact. The goal is to diversify the child’s food.

It is essential that the child take a good amount of fluids, especially mineral water, not to drink at once, but during the time allowed to eat, in the summer the child may become dehydrated due to thirst. The juices should be fresh fruit.

Finally, if the mother notices that her child is not eating enough food, she can consult a pediatrician to give the child alternative vitamins to compensate for the deficiency.

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