What you should eat during your period

Most women experience some psychological and health problems because of their menstrual cycle. Sometimes men may not understand why women are nervous, tense, irritated, or quarreling about things they may not deserve. 
Women’s gynecologists have reported that up to 80 percent of women suffer from premenstrual symptoms such as mood swings and bloating. These symptoms can be mitigated by women by addressing the quality of foods that we recognize together. An article today.

– For example, women are advised to:

– Eat foods that contain fiber and carbohydrates such as fruits and legumes. 
– Do not make heavy meals, but eat light foods and make them close in the sense that you eat a snack every two or three hours because the symptoms of tension and nerve and migraine increase because of the divergence of meals from each other a lot in time. 
– Reduce your intake of fats and sugars in order to avoid hypoglycemia. 
– Take time to rest and relax because this will reduce your stress and your emotions. 
– Refrain from taking stimulants such as tea and coffee, and also soft drinks because the substance of caffeine in which the secretion of insulin in the body is reduced blood sugar a lot.

– Below we show you examples of diets:

The first meal: be at seven in the morning. 
Eat a cup of fresh fruit juice or half a grapefruit with four or five tablespoons of basil and two slices of brown bread with a low-fat cheese, a teaspoon of low-sugar jam and a cup of tea with milk. 
The second meal: be at ten in the morning. 
Eat a little creamy white tea. 
Third meal: be at one o’clock. 
Eat fat-free meat or grilled fish with potatoes, a plate of vegetables and fruit of any kind. 
The fourth meal: be at 4 noon. 
Eat a piece of biscuits with herbal tea. 
The fifth meal: be at 7 pm.
Eat vegetable soup with two slices of brown bread and two pieces of meat or fish with vegetable salad and fruit. 
The sixth meal is at 10 pm. 
Eat four pieces of biscuits or toast with a little creamy butter, a piece of fat-free meat and a hot drink with milk.

I would also like to implement these tips:

– Eat iron-containing foods before the menstrual cycle as you continue to eat foods that contain nutrients and vitamins until the end of the cycle. 
Eat pulses like beans because they reduce painful cramps. 
– Eat vegetables such as spinach and broccoli because they contain the elements of manganese, potassium and calcium, which calm the contractions and help you to relax psychologically. 
– Enter fish such as salmon in your diet because they contain omega-3 fats that relieve menstrual pain. 
– Eat fresh fruits such as pineapples because they are full of manganese. 
– Eat large amounts of water, liquids and hot drinks.

Your menstrual cycle is a natural thing that occurs in your body so treat it properly and do not pretend to disturb you to live your life.

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