What you need to know before talking to a plastic surgeon

Cosmetic surgery is promoted using two images: before and after, but this is not enough to discuss plastic surgeons regarding alternatives, expectations and side effects. Here are a few things to help you get a good picture before you undergo cosmetic and botox surgery:Risk of over-putting Botox to look similar to a particular image in your mind, it may result in an undesirable result.

* Adherence to realism is essential with regard to the expectations of surgical outcomes. Therefore, you should listen carefully to the doctor’s explanation, direct all the questions you think into, and not raise the expectations ceiling high before making the decision.

* Not all plastic surgery is bad or wonderful, some help to have a more lively and youthful view, but the doctor works to achieve the goals required by him to the extent allowed by this type of surgery.

* It is necessary to make sure that the surgeon is well qualified, and that the tools used are completely sterile.

* All types of surgery require time to be cured, and medical reports indicate that the average time required for full recovery is between 3 and 6 months.

* Taking the risk of over-putting Botox to look similar to a particular image in your mind, it may result in undesirable result.

* If the surgeon is not qualified for this type of surgery may have adverse consequences, and each type of surgery certain tools and skills must be the doctor had mastered before exercising.

* Never lie to a doctor and hide that you have had previous surgeries, tried treatments before, or that you are taking medications no matter how insignificant. For example, aspirin, which is used to dissolve blood clots, is an effective medication for surgery.

* No surgery without a degree of risk.

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