What you need to know before pregnancy

The way to pregnancy can be very easy and smooth for some couples while others find it can take years before they are able to become pregnant, while there are some factors that can affect successful pregnancy and understand some basic things that can Make your journey with pregnancy easier.

If you are trying to conceive there are a few things you should consider:

1- Know the date of your menstrual cycle:

One of the best ways to increase your chances of pregnancy is to understand how the menstrual cycle works. Each woman differs from the other. Each session is different from the next. Before pregnancy, take some time to understand your course from start to finish. Follow the first day of menstruation and ovulation , This information will help you to know when you are in the maximum degree of fertility and thus determine the date of sexual relationship, it may not be very romantic when scheduled, but if you would like to pregnancy you will have to take advantage of the opportunity available upon arrival.

2 – Predicting the date of monthly ovulation:

There is at least five days of each menstrual cycle where you are most fertile, three days of ovulation and the next day. Once you know the time of the day you can increase the chances of fertilization by a very large percentage, and remember that As soon as the egg comes out of the ovary, you have only 24 hours to complete fertilization, so it is very important to make sure that the sexual relationship occurs at this time. However, you can become pregnant on any of these five days.

3. Follow a health system:

In order to be more fertile you need to take care of yourself, start taking prenatal vitamins early and always check your doctor if you notice any differences in your period.

If you have questions about ovulation or want to learn more about your body, it is important that you answer these questions early, get a lot of rest and exercise a healthy lifestyle. Try to remove stress from your life and take good care of your body. During the next nine months, but also owe yourself and your child a better health in the future as well.

Good pregnancy does not have to be difficult, and although it may take a couple of years for the couple to achieve it normally, by paying attention to these tips you can increase your chances of pregnancy in less time. If your attempt fails, do not be discouraged just keep trying and if there is any Fertility problem can be solved for pregnancy to occur.

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