What should you know about the vagina?

Vaginal health is important for every girl and woman. Most of the time it is talking about the health problems of the vagina between women and their friends or the female doctor. Informed friends may provide false information regarding the condition of the vagina, such as advice on frequent use of vaginal douches at all times, which is a mistake.

Fatima must recognize four important things to keep the vagina healthy. “Your health today” highlights these important points:

I do not have a lot of showers

There are important types of bacteria necessary to maintain the health of the vagina and resistant harmful bacteria. The frequent use of tubal douche in the absence of a vaginal injury leads to an increase in the number of harmful bacteria and imbalance in the vagina, in addition to it is a major cause of droughts and increased vaginal secretions disease.

The vaginal douche should usually be used for vaginal injury, bad vaginal odor, or days of bleeding during menstruation.

The vagina determines the days of ovulation

During the days of ovulation there are some white secretions of the uterus, which are signs of ovulation in which the egg is suitable for enrichment and pregnancy. When these white secretions indicate the best times for the practice of marital relationship and the success of pregnancy for women in pregnancy.

Sports keeps your vagina healthy

The practice of some exercises for the Balkan region and the pelvis helps to strengthen and maintain the pelvic muscles, which is especially important at birth, it raises the normal birth rates of women. You can practice some simple abdominal stretching exercises for five minutes and you will know the difference at birth.

The smell of the vagina reveals diseases

The smell of vaginal vagina with some unusual secretions you have indicates that the vagina is infected with some diseases or inflammations, which require you to resort to the doctor to find out the cause of those secretions and smell of the vagina and treat quickly so as not to cause other health problems.

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