What is the way we weaning children about breastfeeding?

Weaning of the baby should be gradual so as not to affect the child’s psyche. The child will be weaned gradually from the sixth month and not at the age of two years. What are the best ways to weaning children and how can we wean the child completely without any damage? Weaning the child?

Your health today met with Dr. Hani El-Said, a professor of pediatrics, to explain to us the basic rules for weaning children and how can a mother begin to wean her baby?

Dr. Hani said that first the mother must recognize that the gradual weaning of the child begins from the sixth month, the stage of adoption of the child on solid food beside breast feeding, and there are basic rules on the mother to consider when starting to weaning the child in a final so as not to affect the health of the child

– We should not weaning the child in the summer months so as not to get the child intestinal drop

– Child health should be good and the child does not suffer from any diseases that weaken the strength

– Not to retreat on the decision to weaning the child so as not to affect the mental health

Dr. Hani said that when we start to weaning the child should not stay away from the mother but the child should increase the swelling to her chest and hair tenderness so as not to cause a break in the relationship of the child with a nation and do not deprive of something should be devoted to child care during the weaning week until The child does not feel careless.

Dr. Hani added that the final weaning of the child should be at the age of two years and begins with the mother to reduce the natural breastfeeding to Rtin a day for a week and then once a day for three days and then day after day and then not to breastfeed once again, and the mother must take care of feeding the child during the stage Weaning the child.

Dr. Hany provides some effective tips that help your child to feed while weaning the child:

– The diversity of the child’s food from day to day so as not to tire the child from eating

Avoid taking psoriasis products such as crabs and shrimps while weaning the child so as not to cause diarrhea for your baby.

– Avoid cold drinks for your child and chilled so as not to cause intestinal disorders of the child

– Do not give your child chocolate or dessert products until after eating the meal so as not to affect the appetite of the child

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