What is the treatment of water on the knee

The treatment of water on the knee and how it occurs and what are the causes of the occurrence and what foods are recommended for the treatment of the infected and foods that are advised to move away from it to ease it and to contribute to the treatment? All this and more in the next article that I hope to get your admiration, do not skimp on us comment or criticism.

Causes of water on the knee

The water condition on the knee occurs when small fluid bags around the knee become infected, which is often caused by a knock, fall, stroke, or arthritis.Water on the knee

Foods not suitable for those with water on the knee

  • Meat
  • the salt
  • Caffeine
  • Tea and coffee
  • Processed and processed foods such as canned and preserved meats, pickled olives and all salted foods as they hold fluids in the body. A description and a mixture of OEDEMA
  • Of unhealthy foods that should be avoided if you are infected with knee water, sweet peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant.

 Treatment of water on the knee with healthy foods

  • Green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, pumpkin, fruits, vegetables and honey that increase the alkalinity of the body, which helps in the treatment of water on the knee.
  • Recipe to restore the alkalinity to the body: a teaspoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of honey, add it to cold water has been pre-boiled, drink all day, it works to restore alkalinity to the body.
  • Eat linseed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and nuts, so rich in potassium is very useful for this condition.
  • Eat avocado and fresh wheat germ rich in vitamin E.
  • Antibiotics are rich in anti-inflammatory bromine.
  • Drink as much water as you can for its benefits in preventing fluid retention.
  • Salmon and sardines are high-fat fish recommended for those with knee water.

Treat the water on the knee by following the following tips and treatments

  • A dose of 200 mg a day of salicylic chloride is amazing to reduce inflammation.
  • Eat plenty of silica-rich Fiji water or a 200-milliliter silica dose as silica strengthens the knee tissue.
  • Eat one gram a day of vitamin C twice with vital flavons to reduce inflammation.
  • To reduce water pressure on the knee, take the amino acid phenylalanine at a dose of 1000-2000 milligrams per day to reduce pain.
  • A 200-mg dose of celery seed extract daily at twice the day produces moderate urine, which helps rid the body of excess fluid.
  • When you notice an inflammation on your knee, rest and do not carry any pressure and lift your leg to the maximum height possible all the time.
  • To get rid of inflammation and swelling, put on the knee warm and cool dressings alternately, put on the compresses and other cold compresses warm.
  • Ruta 6c is a homeopathic medicine used twice daily for three or five days to relieve the health problems of the knee and Apis 6c between meals to rid the knees of the tumor, which is also a homeopathic treatment.
  • Do not overlook Chinese acupuncture, which saves you from pain, as well as swelling caused by the condition of water on the knee. Treatment of arthritis TREATMENT OF RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS
  • Use a pillar with a magnet to help the blood flow and increase the proportion of oxygen-containing blood which makes the healing of water in the knee faster.

Continue on this therapeutic system because the health problems related to the knees need a long time to heal and finally do not forget that God is healing and healing, but we must take the reasons for medical treatment and review and consult the doctor to get rid of water in the knee and other health conditions.

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