What is the symptoms and treatment methods?

What is the cause of urinary incontinence for women and what are the effective exercises in treating urinary incontinence for women?

These questions should be addressed by Dr. Amr Saif El-Din, a gynecologist, who said that we must first know what the pelvic floor is and what is formed.

The pelvic floor consists of a thin layer of muscle fiber and parts of the connective tissue. It covers the area between the pubic bone of the Imam and the greatness of the hind limb. The function of these muscles is that it contracts when coughing, thirsting, tightening or pushing, thus controlling involuntary urination, The members of the inner abdomen, especially when standing and when the weakness of these muscles lead to the symptoms of urinary incontinence of various types, Dr. Amr said that the role of exercises and pelvic muscles consistently helps women in the case of urinary incontinence to avoid or delay the surgical procedure to follow these steps:

1) Sit comfortably with your feet and knees spaced apart and bend forward and put the elbows on the knees Remember to continue breathing and relax your stomach and legs and muscle mechanism.

2) Imagine that you want to stop the exit of the wind from the intestines and also prevent the exit of urine should feel the height and height of the vagina and anus.

3) Control of muscle contraction may be very effective to ensure the quality of work lying relaxed on the bed and used a small mirror to see the anus and the entrance of the vagina is rising to the inside.

If you notice that the opening of the vagina is widening, this indicates that you are pushing outward and this is contrary to what you like Suction to the inside to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and also stressed that when the leakage of urine or the exit of wind during the exercises it means that you push down and do not pull in and therefore must You may not despair. You may not be able to capture the muscles in the first place. But with time and continuous exercise, most women are successful and can hold and stretch muscles.

And the number of times the exercise explained that you can maximum length of the muscle to tighten again so that the following (constriction tighten, relaxation) as much as you can from 8 to 12 contractions and you should exercise this exercise 3 times a day will feel the result in 3 to 6 weeks , And it is best to refer to the doctor to ensure that the exercises are conducted correctly, and know the type of urinary incontinence so that you can address the situation better and avoid the aggravation of the situation may be the patient does not need surgery or may be in urgent need to do.

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