What is the secret behind children stopping crying after their pregnancy?

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A new Japanese study revealed the secret of stopping children from crying when the mother carries them or hampers them.

According to the Daily Mail, the new study confirmed that children are calmer and more relaxed when they carry and bathe, especially if the mother pushes them up in the air and takes them back in their arms. At these moments the child’s heart rate is slower, And calm down.

The study, published in the journal Biology, was the first of its kind to show that a child’s response to pregnancy and ejaculation effectively affects his or her nervous system, leading to calm and relaxation after crying.

The researchers, who work at the Institute of Brain Sciences, said that picking up, carrying, and bracing the child not only helps the child to calm but also to achieve greater interaction between him and his mother.

In the research carried out, ECGs were used, which showed that the infant’s rate of slowness slowed down considerably when they were eased and picked up in the air.

“The child’s rapid response to this type of anxiety not only helps the child to be calm, but also helps the mother to get rid of the baby’s crying and suffering in an attempt to silence him,” says Dr. Komi Kuroda, one of the study’s supervisors.

“This will contribute greatly to reducing the incidence of violence against children that some parents resort to in an attempt to calm the child to tears.”

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