What is the reason for the presence of drops of blood between menstrual dates

The presence of some drops of blood during the period between the menstrual cycle ending and the next menstrual cycle cause a lot of concern for girls. Perhaps the menstrual cycle has ended a week and then there are some drops of blood on the underwear, it may not be the first time that coincided with that observation. Whether it is the first time you notice that or occurred by the most important reasons:

Natural menstrual cycle

Normal menstrual periods usually occur every 28-31 days on a regular basis, and there is a drop of blood within four or five days each menstrual cycle equivalent to 2-8 spoons in size.

When do you shed blood?

If you are postmenopausal or under the age of 11 years and bleeding occurred, you should consult your doctor immediately. Also, when there are some drops of blood between the days of the menstrual cycle in a timely manner, you must determine the location of blood. Is blood coming down from the vagina or through the anus Or is there blood in the urine?

What causes menstrual bleeding?

Although the cause of the bleeding is not specific, there are some reasons to be considered and more common:

  • The occurrence of pregnancy and implantation of the egg especially after the days of ovulation
  • Abortion
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Stop using pills or they are not suitable
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Use the IUD to prevent pregnancy
  • Vaginal dryness due to some medications
  • Cancer of the vagina
  • Enter some stuff into the vagina in a harmful way
  • During the days of ovulation, which is natural, fear must not be feared

Important tips

You should rest quickly, especially when you notice some bleeding between two cycles and you should record how many sprays used during this period, it helps the doctor to know whether the bleeding is excessive or not.

Do not take aspirin tablets during that period it helps to increase bleeding and prevent thrombosis and cause the length of bleeding.

Of course, you should tell your doctor about any bleeding or blood clots between your periods.

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Sources: Certified medical sources, womenshealth

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