What is the effect of the marital relationship on the fetus in pregnancy?

Is marital relationship forbidden in pregnancy, and whether marital relationship leads to fetus, and when can the relationship during pregnancy?

Marital relationship in pregnancy is the biggest concern in pregnant women, especially with the first pregnancy, where you feel tension and anxiety and fear of the fetus to be infected, although that obsession is unfounded because the fetus is protected by a mucous payment closes the cervix in pregnancy and fetal fetus from Inflammation, in addition to the sac around the fetus and the amniotic fluid, the embryo is more secure.

But what harms the fetus during the marital relationship is the mother’s excess movements during the relationship accompanied by high heartbeat of the mother during intercourse or that the mother suffers from bleeding or constriction abdominal muscles which may lead to the explosion of the bag around the child, especially if the mother has a history of cervical weakness , Or if there is a drop or fall in the placenta, especially with some bleeding.

In addition to the husband’s injury to some venereal diseases transmitted to the wife during the relationship and symptoms of inflammations and the emergence of foul-smelling liquid and excess sensitivity and itching especially in the genital area and in that case should refrain from practicing marital relationship until the couple is treated so as to harm the fetus, especially at birth.

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