What is the effect of eating cinnamon on children ?

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – “Swallowing cinnamon powder” has become the latest jubilation among children in the United States, driving them to death or, at best, entering emergency departments in hospitals affected by acute gastrointestinal infections, according to a recent medical study.

The study pointed out that many American children resorted to the so-called “cinnamon challenge” in which children compete to swallow a tablespoon of pure cinnamon powder without a drop of water in about 60 seconds, exposing them to severe coughs accompanied by serious infections in the digestive system and in many Sometimes gastric ulcer.

There are more than 51,000 videos on the popular Youtube site for such a bloody trick that have attracted the attention and passion of more than 19 million children since last August and so far, said Stephen Lebschultz, professor of pediatrics at the University of Miami.

Research has stressed the suffering of these children from burns in the throat, mouth and nose, as well as severe coughs and serious problems in lung function.

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