What is the difference between type 1 diabetes and gestational diabetes?

Diabetes during pregnancy is one of the most common pregnancy problems and causes a lot of anxiety in many pregnant women, feeling frustrated for fear of the fetus and fear of diabetes after pregnancy or sometimes worried that the cause of diabetes in pregnancy may have an impact on the child’s diabetes after Birth, what is the difference between gestational diabetes and regular diabetes? Does pregnant women with diabetes mean permanent infection with sugar?

Dr. Ikrami Mohammed Qora, a professor of internal medicine and children, said that diabetes is among many types, including type 1 diabetes, which is a high blood sugar during pregnancy only. This is due to the pregnant woman who did not get sugar before pregnancy. Twenty – fourth week of pregnancy.

The first type of pregnancy sugar without symptoms and high blood sugar during pregnancy leads to the pancreas to stimulate the fetus to produce a greater amount of insulin because the excess sugar in the mother’s blood is transmitted to the fetus, the child is more likely to decrease blood sugar after birth.

Obesity is one of the most common factors that lead to the mother being infected with gestational diabetes as well as family history of diabetes or some other factors such as smoking in pregnancy.

He added that the mother’s pregnancy diabetes may lead to the child’s subsequent type 1 diabetes, as well as the high rate of resort to cesarean section due to the large size of the fetus.

He says that children with the first type of sugar are often caused by the destruction of pancreatic cells in the body that secrete insulin and are unable to produce sufficient amounts of insulin and the patient always needs insulin treatment.

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