What is the difference between regular sugar and gestational sugar?

Pregnancy diabetes during pregnancy Many pregnant women are worried about whether the meaning of gestational diabetes has become a chronic diabetes patient and whether it affects the safety of the next pregnancy and what is the difference between diabetes and pregnancy and the incidence of diabetes.

These questions should be addressed by Dr. Ehab El Sayed, consultant of internal medicine and diabetes. He said that pregnancy diabetes occurs for the first time during pregnancy, meaning that the woman did not suffer from diabetes by pregnancy but that she suffers from gestational diabetes during pregnancy only during the 24th to 28th week Of pregnancy is recommended to follow up blood sugar level to preventhigh sugar and maintain the safety of pregnancy.

Dr. Ayhab explained that women with gestational diabetes have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes after pregnancy, either immediately after birth or after a period. In this case, the sugar disappears completely and returns to rise during the following pregnancy again.

Attention should be paid to the follow-up of sugar during the intermediate pregnancy period by giving the pregnant women the appropriate doses of insulin, organizing the meals and doing some exercise. The risk of diabetes is:

– Increase the rate of Caesarean delivery.

– Hypertension

– Increase the size of the fetus with premature birth, so the pregnant woman should perform acetone analyzes in urine twice a week with the need to divide meals into three meals.Close

  • Prepare your child to 

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