What is the difference between home pregnancy test and pregnancy test in the blood?

Pregnancy test is one of the things that many women are waiting for. The woman wants to do pregnancy test especially after the absence of the menstrual cycle and the anxiety to know whether the pregnancy occurred or not, and start to wonder which is the most accurate test home pregnancy or pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test in the blood.

Today, your health site provides a simplified explanation of the difference between home pregnancy test, pregnancy test in blood and the choice of the best pregnancy test.

Pregnancy pregnancy test or home pregnancy test

Pregnancy test strips are available in pharmacies. The usage instructions vary according to the manufacturer. Pregnancy is usually checked in the urine during the morning, where the amount of hormone is concentrated and gives more accurate results after waking.

In most pregnancy test strips, put some drops of urine on the tape and wait for 5-10 minutes for the result to appear in different forms such as the + or – sign, indicating that there is pregnancy, but the sign indicates that there is no pregnancy or child And other instructions written on the box.

The accuracy of the pregnancy test strips depends on the period in case of absence of the cycle, which confirms the incidence of pregnancy by 99%, but does not mean the absence of pregnancy that the lady is not pregnant.

Pregnancy test in the blood

Pregnancy can also be detected by a blood test. Blood test results are obtained as a numerical value indicating the amount of beta-hCG in the blood, as the level of hormone increases as pregnancy progresses.

The pregnancy test in the blood is much more accurate than the home pregnancy test, which confirms the pregnancy and refers to the pregnancy phase approximated.

What After Work Pregnancy Test!

After checking the results of the blood test, you should go to the doctor, and this visit will be the longest visit, but it will be an important visit, to check on your health, and the health of the fetus, the doctor will perform several tests as follows:

– Inquire about the latest date of the menstrual cycle, in order to calculate the start date of the pregnancy.

– Ensure that you are pregnant using a pregnancy device, or by using a device above the sound waves, and this will help to determine the size of the fetus and the expected date of birth, your doctor may want to assess the size of the uterus, through vaginal examination, but do not worry, This test is not repeated every month, just in the last month of pregnancy.

– Your doctor will perform a comprehensive medical examination for you, including examination of the vertebral column, heart, chest, abdomen, weight, and legs.

– Your doctor will ask questions about your history and your family’s medical history to make sure that there are no hereditary diseases.

– Perform a blood test, to know your blood type and level of hemoglobin in the blood.

– Analysis of urine, to ensure that you do not have albumin or gestational diabetes.

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