What is the difference between breastfeeding and industrialism?

I recently had no milk in my breast and the doctor told me to give my baby an artificial milk. I wanted to know what the difference between breastfeeding and industrialism is. Does artificial coffee have negative effects on child development?

Answer d. Sherif Ali Abdel-Aal, Consultant Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Cairo University Assistant Secretary General Egyptian Society of Pediatrics Editor-in-Chief of the Scientific Journal of Pediatrics:

Follow the benefits of breast milk

1. Breast milk contains substances that help absorb some of the minerals present – such as iron – for example, significantly, despite the small amount in it, compared with modified milk, which contains a larger amount, but absorption is much lower.

2- Hygiene and sterilization (sterile breast milk):

Healthy breast milk is free of any germ, and contains substances that indirectly prevent infection with acute seborrheic infection. Children who feed their mothers’ milk rarely suffer from such intestinal influenza.

3. Disease resistance:

In the first few days after delivery, breast milk contains large amounts of antibodies, white cells, enzymes, yeast and some proteins that protect the child from many diseases.

4- Ease and ease of preparation:

Breast milk is easy to get, flowing from the mother’s body to the baby’s mouth at an appropriate temperature and does not need to be heated.

5. Economic cost:

The monthly economic cost of a family that breastfeeds its baby is immeasurably comparable to that of breastfeeding, which costs nothing more.

6. Psychological comfort and emotional satisfaction:

Breastfeeding gives the child a sense of safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and this emotional bonding increases between mother and child day after day, which is very important in the formation of the child in terms of emotional and behavioral.

7. Sensitivity:

Children who eat a modified animal – are vulnerable to diseases that are limited to them only, such as the lack of tolerance or infection of cow’s milk.

Breastfeeding, in addition to this, is beneficial to the mother. Breastfeeding gives the mother natural psychological comfort and tranquility, and she trusts herself to fill her sense of complete femininity and motherhood. And also as one of the contraception throughout the period of breastfeeding, which protects the mother from the stress caused by repeated pregnancy in a short period, and helps the mother to stop hemorrhage of childbirth.

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