What is the cause of the appearance of blue spots on the skin

Sometimes you may find blue patches on the surface of your skin and you may feel very scared and try to know why these spots appear. But for science there are many reasons that lead to this phenomenon, including the individual being exposed to some bruises or injuries. The skin turns to the color of the skin to blue or black according to the degree of injury to the skin, but in many cases may appear blue spots on the skin without any injuries, in this case please go to the doctor to see the degree of injury of the situation, and through this report Your distinguished magazine will show you what you are looking for Cause the appearance of blue spots on the skin Fattabona.

What is the cause of the appearance of blue spots on the skin

Blue spots on the skin

When exposed to blue spots on the skin, the degree of color of infection varies depending on the severity of exposure.

There may be some injuries that affect the muscles or fracture of the bones and is one of the most serious injuries.

The most important reasons for the emergence of those blue spots :.

Mongolian spots

Mongolian spots appear on the skin of children at , and may continue with them to the age of five years, and sometimes continue with them until puberty.

Vitamin deficiency

Lack of causes of the appearance of blue spots on the skin, especially both vitamin C and vitamin K.

Vitamin K helps with blood clotting.

Accidents : Exposure to accidents, bruises and some severe injuries and sprains are the biggest causes of blue spots on the skin.

Eating or Almmaat : is Almmaat such as aspirin reason for the emergence of some blue blocs under the human skin.

The most common causes are:.Blue bruises appear on the skin

  • Eat cortisone.
  • Weakness of some tissues that strengthen blood vessels.
  • Occurrence of thinning and weakness in the outer layer of fatty skin when aging.
  • Human exposure to a large proportion of the sun.
  • There are some problems that affect blood clotting, or some genetic diseases that cause bleeding, and thus affect the speed of blood clotting.
  • Eat some foods that may be incompatible with laxatives such as garlic, fish oil, and ginger.

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