What is the cause of shortness of breath when sleeping

Cause of shortness of breath at bedtime You may suffer from shortness of breath and feel that you are making a great effort to get oxygen, when you climb the stairs and feel that your heart will jump out of place, but do you feel that situation and sitting in your place do nothing? This is known as shortness of breath, but what causes respiratory distressWhat is the cause of shortness of breath when sleeping

Respiratory distress is a disease that affects many people, and affects the patient completely, because the breath is a necessities of life, and restricts breathing when the lack of sufficient amount of air inside the lungs, causing constipation and tightness in the chest with a sense of fatigue, and difficulty in Breathing naturally and taking deep breath, which causes a state of suffocation, may prevent the person from performing his work and his daily activities and hinders him to sleep, and has a lot of reasons on the corridors of breathing and lungs and blood vessels and lead to heart disorder.What is the cause of shortness of breath when sleeping

  • Feeling uncomfortable and chest pains.
  • Exits blood with phlegm.
  • Increased body secretion of sweat due to the height of the body temperature bike.
  • The sound of whistling comes out with breath.
  • Feel tired and fast with dizziness and dizziness.
  • A little choking and difficulty in taking the breath.
  • Irregular heartbeat sometimes.
  • Insomnia and face difficulty sleeping.

What is the cause of shortness of breath when sleeping

the cure

  • Practice breathing deeply from the abdomen.
  • Reduce anxiety by reducing reflection and meditation for a while.
  • Simple stretching exercises that help to regulate blood circulation and contribute to improving the breathing method.
  • Avoid sources of car smoke and cigarettes.
  • The need to quit smoking and its causes.
  • Get out early in the morning and breathe in the air, because the ratio of fresh air will be high and the percentage of talism is very low.
  • Do not sit in a small room for a long time in addition to ventilating the house regularly.
  • Keep away from all that causes dust that increases the sensitivity of the respirator.
  • Honey can be taken with onions which helps prevent respiratory problems.
  • Mix the powder with the ring and drink it in some boiling water.
  • Pomegranate, which acts as an anti-inflammatory and preferred to take it in a difficult form to reduce the severity of breathlessness.
  • Boil the guava leaves and drink them after soaking them for a full day.
  • Carrot juice with onion and Tom.

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