What is the cause of neonatal injury in yellow?

One of the diseases that newborns may experience during the first week is bile, and bile also affects preterm infants, where yellowing appears on the child’s skin and white in kind. What are the causes of yellowing of newborns?

According to Dr. Noha Abu Al-Wafa, bile disease is due to the high rate of bilorubin in the child’s blood. The causes of bile are due to physiological reasons in children who are born with yellow, although they are healthy and parents should not be disturbed by yellowing the child. Mostly due to delayed formation of liver enzymes that do not return to normal within a few days after birth.

“There are other reasons for the incidence of yellowing, which is an increase in the proportion of bilorubin in children’s blood, such as red blood cell fractures due to certain differences between the two children’s and mother’s blood,” he said. Before the deadline “.

In addition, the result of a deficiency in the child may lead to the absence of certain enzymes or the occurrence of any other factors affecting the liver enzymes and activity such as cases of lack of oxygen in the child and the incidence of past diseases and thyroid disease, the presence of blockage in the liver bile ducts.

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