What is the cause of bleeding after the practice of marital relationship?

Women should be very careful if you notice blood out in the period between menstrual cycles, or after the marital relationship, when the blood out in the periods between menstrual cycles, or after the marital relationship, should be reviewed by the specialist doctor, because this could be a sign of the existence of disease Contagious disease, cervical disease, or cancer “in rare cases”.

Dr. Amr Hassan, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Al-Ayni Palace, said that the cervical ulcers may be harmless (benign polyps, or polyps, for example) or may be caused by an infection such as chlamydia.

When a woman is concerned about this, she should go to the specialist clinics for advice, testing and treatment. Low-dose contraception can sometimes cause blood out between periods, and this can be corrected. By changing this type of contraceptive pill.

He added that existing health systems in the world are developing special cervical screening programs, and investigating the presence of tumors in them for the early detection, treatment and recovery of cancer, and there are cervical diseases that can lead to cancer if not treated, for example, is recommended The British National Papillomavirus Program conducts a triennial screening of women aged 25 to 49 and a five-year screening of women aged 50 to 64.

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