What is the best ointment for treating hemorrhoids

The use of ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids is one of the most common methods to contain the pain of external hemorrhoids, which is easy to deal with, while it is completely different in the case of a person with hemorrhoids Internal or fistula, requiring immediate surgical intervention, below we review together the most important information about hemorrhoids disease, how to infection and its symptoms, in addition to the best ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

There are many actual causes, which result in the injury of a person with hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids cause the anus to cause severe pain, which is accompanied by the descent of blood from the anus. Therefore, the injury of the person with hemorrhoids is due to cause severe pressure on the veins and blood vessels related to the anus, and begins to feel the swelling and prostrations Prominent in the vicinity of the anus, and the most important reasons:The best ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids and pruritus

This is due to the wrong pattern in the diet, where the diet lacks the fiber available in vegetables of all kinds and forms, as well as lack of water in the body, so the person suffers constipation, which in turn causes severe pressure on the veins, resulting in suffering from the pain of hemorrhoids.

Heavy lifting often causes a person to have hemorrhoids due to severe pressure on blood vessels, accompanied by severe pain and bleeding during defecation.

Lack of movement due to prolonged sitting or stopping exercise generally causes symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Excess weight is one of the causes of hemorrhoids, which is a severe pressure on many different organs of the body, including the blood vessels in the anal area.The best ointment for the treatment of external hemorrhoids

The types of ointments used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, and depends on the type of hemorrhoids suffered by the person, whether internal or external, and you can resort to ointments described by the doctor in the case of external hemorrhoids, and the best ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids:

Anusol HC is a treatment for infections caused by hemorrhoids. It is used in the case of a blood group. It can be used twice a day to contain infections in the anus. It is also recommended to be used after consultation with the doctor.

It is a strong ointment that is used under medical supervision for a week at most.

It contains the compound lidocaine, which is used to contain the pain of anal and fist fractures.

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