What is the best natural way to prevent pregnancy?

There are many contraceptives. Some women may choose to choose the appropriate contraceptive method. A friend advises her to install the IUD and another tells her to have a contraceptive pill. Some women feel jealousy about not having the coil installed or having a pill causes some health problems such as weight gain , The important thing here are natural ways to prevent pregnancy?

In your health today, we offer you some natural ways to avoid pregnancy naturally, some of which are suitable for nursing mothers during breastfeeding:

– Knowing when your menstrual cycle, some women, for example, have a regular menstrual cycle and the number of days 28 days, which means that the cycle is four weeks, begins menstrual bleeding in the first day and lasts for a week and then three weeks until the cycle begins again.

– Know the period of fertility or days of ovulation you have a period where the egg is mature and fit for sperm vaccination and usually this period before 14 days of the next round of the cycle, meaning that if the cycle of 28 days and Tati on the first day of each month, the days of ovulation you have a day 13,14,15 respectively and pregnancy can occur at a significant rate.

– Note the fluid secreted from the uterus to the vagina or the so – called cervical mucus , it is a means to determine the date of ovulation . When you increase the cervical mucus to become more high density and viscous to resemble egg albumin shows that the egg is mature and suitable for fertilization in the fallopian tube meaning simpler you in the days of ovulation .

The important step is that you are in the days of ovulation changes hormon in the body so the wife is more inclined to the relationship with the husband, you should advise yourself step yourself may come ideas of relationship with the husband a lot and increase tendency more than any time during the month.

– Measurement of body temperature, during the days of ovulation occurs a slight rise in body temperature to indicate ovulation, you can know that the recording of body temperature when waking daily is the most appropriate period through which to know the high temperature with the occurrence of ovulation at any time of the month.

– Physiological changes Some women have some changes in the body associated with ovulation such as the appearance of some changes to the breast or that area, which is the result of changes in the level of hormones ovulation days.

– Home ovulation test, available in pharmacies and easy to use such as pregnancy test and shows your ovulation days in which pregnancy can occur easily.

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– After knowing your ovulation days in which pregnancy can occur, you can avoid the marital relationship two days before the days of ovulation and two days later in the most appropriate periods of low incidence of pregnancy. 
To increase safety you can add another day before and after depending on observations and physical changes without ovulation test given a relatively accurate result

Tips to avoid pregnancy

– During the first few days after the end of the menstrual cycle or before the arrival of the menstrual cycle is the most secure periods and the lowest rates of pregnancy.

– The previous observations apply to women who have a regular course where the next session can be calculated, but those who suffer from irregular menstrual cycle is a home ovulation test is the most effective knowledge of ovulation days accurately.

– The husband can use the condom in the next days of ovulation if necessary, it helps to reduce the chances of pregnancy to about 2 percent.

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