What Is Pregnancy Poisoning And How Can It Be Treated?

Pregnancy poisoning occurs most often after the 20th week of pregnancy, which is dangerous if left untreated, and pre-eclampsia is a high blood pressure of the pregnant woman with swelling of the eyes and hands and accompanied by poisoning of pregnancy increase the proportion of albumin in the urine and weight increase due to the retention of fluids in the body, Pre-eclampsia due to some toxin in pregnant blood.

As for the treatment of pre-eclampsia , Dr. Asaad Al-Duwaini advises diabetes specialists that there is no specific treatment for pre-eclampsia, but that the only ivory is to resort to pregnancy genetics quickly to maintain maternal and fetal health.

Dr. Assaad added that there are many side effects of pregnancy poisoning on the mother, including bleeding and destruction of liver and kidney cells and the fetus is the lack of oxygen and food to the fetus across the placenta, which leads to delayed growth of the fetus or the occurrence of death in some cases.

He says that there are several ways to treat the poisoning of pregnancy is the complete rest of the pregnant in the bed on one of the elves to allow the blood to pass easily to the fetus with the measurement of the amount of liquid amenorrhea using ultrasound, if the amount of fluid is low, it means the amount of oxygen that reaches the fetus or insufficient Pregnancy termination is necessary with magnesium sulfate, which increases the amount of blood in the uterus to prevent any problems during pregnancy termination.

After the birth, blood pressure returns to normal after a few days, or if there are medications to lower high blood pressure, it should be stopped gradually after birth, and follow up pressure until it reaches normal.

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