What is phobia, phobia symptoms, phobia treatment

Is the fear of patients of something and different cases of phobia from person to person, but most cases of phobia are from public places and crowded What are the symptoms of phobia and how to deal with it?What is phobia, phobia symptoms, phobia treatment

Dr. Mohamed Fekry, Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology, explains that phobia occurs when a person believes that he can not get out of this place, so he often stares in crowded places. In this case, he fears that the person is present in him. He has some physical symptoms that result from anxiety and insecurity. I caught him

Phobia often occurs in elevators and in public transport in overcrowding and in airplanes. Fear is generally an instinct in man, but when it develops into a phobia he becomes sick and finds a phobia patient afraid of loneliness and fears at the same time crowded places and fears of something happening in places And is afraid to be in places that are difficult for humans to get out of them, such as planes and elevators, and sometimes the patient is afraid of even the ability to act and here we find depends heavily on others.

Symptoms of phobia

There are some physical symptoms that appear when the feeling of phobia, and the speed of heartbeat with difficulty in breathing and may reach the vertigo and nausea.

The person must immediately follow such symptoms immediately follow the doctor to find out the cause of excessive fear of public places, especially in the case of deterioration may reach advanced stages of acute heart attack.

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