What is neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters Nerves are not one-way or rather not all nerves have the same direction but each neuronal bundle of nerves has a specific direction. The nerve function is the transfer of nerve cells from or to the central nervous system in the human body. This neurotransmitter is transferred by switching the electrical charge on the surface of the nerve cell, and then moving it according to the specific direction of that nerve beam.

Neural networks and nervous system

What is neurotransmitters

– The nervous system of the devices in the human body, and does not exist in the rest of the living organisms and consists of a large number of neurons inside, and helps the human to adapt to the many changes in the environment around him, and helps in the process of the transfer of orders and information in the body to The brain takes information from the brain area to the muscles of the body. A reaction that is appropriate to the information that is transmitted, helps to stimulate the digestive system and the respiratory system, and there are so-called nerve clamps that clamps, Dense, and located at the end of the so-called OTG Nat reticulum nerve, each Asbonh of neurons in the nervous system, and that the transfer of information from one place to another and are addressing them.

– Neurons have other names, which are neurons. They are cells that are electrically excited. They pass various information and transmit it through a group of chemical and electrical signals. Neural clasps are the task of transmitting signals between neurons and neurons. Neural networks between them and the process of transmitting orders and information are called neurotransmitters.

This name expresses the messages that are transmitted by the neurons, which are inside the human body and are known by the neurons of the sensory organs in the body to the central nervous system, and then move this strain to the so-called members of the response.

The speed of the nerve cell is the short period in which the transfer of the message, from the members of the sense through the nerves to the nervous system, and this speed depends on the so-called diameter of nerve fibers, and this diameter has a direct proportion with the speed of transmission of nerve cells.

– Neural network has another name is the nerve pulse, and it is the transmission of all orders and information by electric, and at other times are relying on chemical reactions between the nerves, and the nerve pathway is a speed of about 120 meters per second, The language of dialogue and communication between neurons within the nervous system, in order to do its own function.

How to move neural network

What is neurotransmitters

When the nerves move in the human body, each one of them does not move without the other, but its own movement is through groups, meaning that each group of nerves joins together, forming a bundle of nerves. The nerves and nerve bundles transport nerve cells from the nervous system and move them to the nervous system as well, within the human body. This transfer begins by switching the electrical charge, which is located on the surface of the nerve cell in the body. Then the process of transmission of neurotransmitters, and TTG T this process, depending on the specific direction in which the neural package will go

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