What is Mayo Clinic?

Mayo Clinic Group is a non-profit medical hospital group in Minnesota, USA. The Mayo System features a number of health regimens, which are characterized by a limited intake of carbohydrates with fruits and vegetables.

First order : Eat vegetables and fruits with some protein

First day :

Breakfast: Eat oatmeal with skimmed milk with herbal tea without sugar.

Lunch: Green salad dish with tuna, bran news and medium apple.

Dinner: Grilled salmon slices with lemon slices and steamed vegetables.

Day Two :

Breakfast: whole grains with skimmed milk without sugar.

Lunch: Beet slices with sardines and bran news.

Dinner: fruit salad.

the third day :

Breakfast: a cup of green tea without sugar with cereals and skimmed milk.

Lunch: Smoked steaks with vegetable salad and bran news.

Dinner: grilled meat with salad salad, steamed steaks and beet slices.

the fourth day :

Breakfast: Oatmeal with skimmed milk with pineapple juice.

Lunch: Tuna with bran news, salad with lettuce and tomatoes.

Dinner: Smoked turkey slices with boiled beans

Place snacks such as fruit or a small plate of boiled vegetables and supplement the rest of the week with the same system.

System Two  :

 It has the flexibility to add nachiwiut and carbohydrates with vegetables and protein. This system reduces 5 kg per week.

First day :

Breakfast: a skimmed yoghurt cup with cheese and fruit fruit.

Lunch: oil-free tuna with boiled pasta, topped with beans, spinach and boiled chickpeas.

Dinner: Grilled steak with vegetable dish.

the second day :

Breakfast: a skimmed yogurt cup with a grapefruit fruit.

Lunch: grilled chicken breast with spinach and carrot salad.

Dinner: slice a pizza with a green salad with lemon sauce.

So, until the end of the week, I have to balance carbohydrates, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits without any fat.

Third system:

Is a stricter system than the previous two systems will lose 7 kg per week depending on protein, fiber, vegetables and fruits only.

First day :

Breakfast: boiled egg with green tea and fruit fruit

Lunch: Two boiled eggs with fruit.

Dinner: Two boiled eggs with only fruit and salad.

the second day :

Breakfast: Milk without sugar and boiled egg with fruit.

Lunch: Beet slices with boiled eggs and fruit.

Dinner: Quraish and quarter of a loaf of bread with a boiled egg.

So continue to the rest of the week for greater effectiveness of that diet and weighty among all the elements do not take fat at all.

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