What is Green Dieting and how does it help to lose weight?

Have you ever heard of the green diet diet? We may have heard a lot about eating green vegetables and fruits that are good for health and body. The green fiber in vegetables helps in the freshness of the skin and skin and eliminates the problems of those who eat. So what is green dieting?

Green diet is the consumption of foods and vegetables green because they are the best natural foods that overcome the problems of obesity and high blood cholesterol level and cancer in that diet you follow a number of procedures.

Avoid foods containing chemical and industrial substances and eat only organic foods

Avoid consumption of meat and chicken as much as possible and the use of vegetable protein.

Avoid sugars and sweets in the diet.

– Among these green foods:

Green cabbage is called Super Vegetable for its high performance in improving health and it is rich in fiber, calcium, magnesium and chlorophyll and can be relied on systematically in your diet and contains only 24 calories

Green vegetables such as parsley, parsley, basil, mint and coriander. These herbs give the body enormous energy and absorb toxins. It also has a beautiful flavor. Parsley can be made as a juice and can be added to a salad for its high nutritional value.

Broccoli and green beans These plants carry proteins, fibers and enzymes that give the body and skin a freshness while at the same time eliminating the risk of obesity and weight gain.

Hot vegetables such as watercress and mustard are rich in vitamins C, vitamin K, vitamin A and calcium, and improve digestion.

Helium is called the green spear of the intensity of its rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin K and fiber and can be steamed easily steamed.

Avocados are fatty plants that contain omega-3, vitamin E and antioxidants that protect the heart and blood and contribute to weight loss.

Peas contain fiber and protein and help balance blood sugar.

Green apples and kiwis work on blood cleansing and sugar balance and are a complete, fat, rich and saturated meal.

The spong increases the folate, iron, antioxidants and increased protein synthesis in the body.

Rapeseed contains folic acid and potassium and helps prevent the onset of diabetes and macular degeneration.

– Benefits of Green Diet:

Does not contain saturated fats that negatively affect the health of the body and increase the weight in marked images.

Contains a large percentage of potassium repellent for kidney toxins.

Contains antioxidants that fight cancer, increase the protective enzymes of the body and strengthen the immune system.

Helps the freshness of the skin and beauty and help in the treatment of problems, including acne.

Reduces blood cholesterol levels.

Contains antioxidants.

Contains minerals and vitamins necessary for healthy body.

Vegetables contain beta-carotene, which protects against eye cataracts with age

All you have to do is set a green food diet for a month and you will notice the difference.

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