What is fiber deficiency and what are its symptoms?

Experts recommend a healthy diet rich in fiber that reduces the risk of heart disease, cerebral palsy, diabetes and bowel cancer. The following is a definition of fiber deficiency and the symptoms that result from it, as reported by the British Express:

What is fiber deficiency? 
Nutritionist Matt Perkins summarizes three symptoms that must be observed when entering the bathroom: pain at stool exit, constipation, and exit of fluid stools.

What are the other side effects of fiber deficiency? 
There are five additional side effects that reveal that you do not get enough fiber:

1 – Bad mood caused by a lack of production of serotonin in the intestine.

2 – effects on public health due to lack of beneficial bacteria in the intestine caused by fiber deficiency.

3 – inflammation of the intestines and joints and diabetes.

4 – growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine because of the lack of sufficient fibers to help digestion, which leads to the survival of food longer in the intestine and the emergence of inflammation.

5 – Indigestion and the length of time to get rid of food. 

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