What is cotton dieting is it security or not

Thinking about getting the ideal weight and the strength of fashion models has become a obsession today, resulting in strange innovations that we hear every day in the world of dieting. Where recently spread a theme called cotton raisin, which is known as diet models.

What is cotton dieter:

Pika is a diet based on eating things that are not counted from foods such as cotton and chalk. However, cotton is often cut off. This causes weight loss. This system is very dangerous and causes a number of problems, including damage to the intestines and stomach ulcers. And other views we tell her in detail.

Dieting is also common in Arab circles because it reduces weight while keeping the body slim and slim. This diet is known as the diet of the thinnest models, but this reputation does not prevent it from being the most dangerous diet because of its high health risks.

Risks of following a cotton diet:

– Cotton contains some industrial materials and some industrial fibers and Candida, causing serious diseases such as cancer due to chemicals.

– Cotton balls may cause gastrointestinal obstruction, causing intestinal fibrosis.

– Fainting may occur from fainting, poor concentration and imbalance due to hunger

– A blockage in the digestive and respiratory system may result in suffocation

– Malnutrition due to lack of balanced nutrients.

– Constipation due to poor digestion and the introduction of strange objects to the body.

– Fatigue and exhaustion due to starvation, stress and weakness of vigor.

– Death All these symptoms may cause death due to excessive fatigue and stress and shortness of breath that leads to sudden suffocation and death.

– This system is widespread in young girls and pregnant women, but it is one of the most dangerous things already to health and follow the damage to the health of the body especially (brain, digestive system, respiratory system, facial shape)

Methods of following the cotton diet:

This type of diet depends on eating 5 pieces of cotton balls dipped in any liquid such as water orange juice or lemon juice or scabies Fort, with a simple meal to fill the stomach and the sense of satiety and thus lead to the loss of weight quickly as mentioned earlier this diet consumer Which is intended to replace meals with cotton rollers immersed in ice cream or in juices. The aim is not to over-eat, and cotton balls do not contain any calories because they are not food.

Tips for an appropriate dieting system:

There are a number of dieting systems that result in the same result and do not harm the body, this damage is great, but maintains it as fluids, protein, and diet, and other common systems recommended by the nutritionists.

Dietary intake of proteins, fats, dietary fibers, carbohydrates, carbohydrates, sugars, but in very small amounts so that the body does not lose its health.

Exercise to build the body muscles

Take care to keep away from soft drinks, smoking, kohl, and fast food.

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