What is cluster pregnancy?

What is cluster load? What are the causes of cluster pregnancy? Does cluster pregnancy affect pregnancy again? When can pregnancy be repeated after cluster pregnancy? Is there a way to prevent cluster pregnancy again? These questions are answered by Dr. Magda Assem, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology,

Colorectal pregnancy is the transformation of the placenta and uterus tissue into an abnormal form, which is very similar to the grape cluster, and the incidence of cluster pregnancy at pregnancy is small at age 17 or over 40 years, which is a small bag without a fetus.

The symptoms of cluster pregnancy during the tenth to sixteenth week of pregnancy, where an abnormal increase in the size of the uterus with no inviolability of the fetus and the absence of pulse with vaginal bleeding and increased feeling of nausea and vomiting occurs as a result of a defect in the placenta during pregnancy, making it larger than the normal size of gestational age .

Congenital pregnancies are diagnosed by sonar and blood analysis, which shows an abnormal rise of pregnancy hormones in blood. Collective pregnancy may gradually disappear gradually and women must abstain from pregnancy using oral contraceptives for at least 6 months. The patient does not need hysterectomy as he urges In the past .

What are the complications of cluster pregnancy?

Complications of cluster pregnancies include vaginal bleeding and inflammation of the uterine wall. Genital load must be enriched so that the bags do not turn into cancerous cells.

Tips when cluster pregnancy occurs

– Should not be pregnant again for at least six months to a year to prevent recurrence of cluster pregnancy

– The need to get rid of the bags with the bark to prevent the transformation of some cells to cancer cells

– careful follow-up of pregnancy again to ensure that the recurrence of cluster pregnancies again

Your doctor may refer to the removal of the uterus if you do not want to give birth again or the woman is over 50 years of age

Is cluster pregnancy back again?

1% of patients with cluster pregnancies can be again infected with the type of pregnancy and need the patient as we said to follow-up when the pregnancy occurs again with the sonar and blood analysis and control the level of hormone (BHCG)

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