What is a successful diet?

There are many rules that must be observed with most diet systems to ensure the desired result, namely:Successful diet

– Replacing olive oil and corn with food 
– Replacing sugar substitutes with medicinal aspartame in sweetening 
– Increasing the intake of high-fiber materials such as apples, carrots, grains with their peel, artichoke

– Eat fatty meats and fish 
– Eat a large salad dish at the beginning of a daily meal 
– Minimize carbohydrates such as pasta and rice 
– Eat fresh fruits after eating for at least three hours 
– Divide meals one to four meals and avoid eating greasy at once 
– Eat Cucumbers, watercress and tomatoes between meals, which helps to fill the stomach and a sense of satiety, as well as water intake heavily.

– Take care not to eat while watching TV or while driving, where in these times man takes large amounts of food without thinking.

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